Maine's National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) Information Portal.

Why Payers Are Taking Action 

NDPP is not another wellness program 

  • Type 2 diabetes is preventable. NDPP is an evidence-based program that works to prevent diabetes.
  • In people with pre-diabetes, HALF of new cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented with structured lifestyle change programs like NDPP.
  • NDPP is a high value program because so many people are eligible to participate.


NDPP is an effective, evidence-based cost avoidance strategy

  • NDPP supports simple lifestyle changes that result in improved population health outcomes.
  • Plan members at high risk for pre-diabetes and diabetes are the most common and costly.
  • Per Member Per Year (PMPY) costs for persons with no diabetes are significantly lower than for persons with diabetes. Even after 10 years, those who participated in NDPP had a lower rate of Type 2 diabetes.


NDPP is a population health approach 

  • It reduces claims related to pre-diabetes, diabetes and associated risk factors.
  • NDPP has a cross-cutting health improvement impact on multiple conditions that can lead to chronic disease – the number one health insurance cost driver.


NDPP fits in today’s healthcare landscape 

  • A good fit for Accountable Care Organizations or Shared Savings agreements.
  • Perfect demonstration of a community-clinical linkage for preventive health services.
  • Community-based lifestyle interventions are associated with low costs.


Action Steps for Payers 

1. Increase your organization’s knowledge of NDPP 


2. Understand health plan purchasers’ needs related to Type 2 diabetes primary and secondary prevention 

  • Work with plan purchasers to conduct a Type 2 diabetes risk assessment on their health plan population.
  • Apply the Pre-diabetes Algorithm to plan purchasers’ claims or health risk assessment data to identify members at 
high risk of developing pre-diabetes or diabetes.
  • Work with plan purchasers to understand the cost Per Member Per Year/Per Member Per Month (PMPY/PMPM) 
and what the potential cost avoidance could be within one year if NDPP is applied to the book of business for the health plan.


3. Make NDPP a covered health benefit 

  • Incorporate NDPP into new health plan designs.
  • Recommend inclusion of NDPP in existing plan purchasers’ book of business.
  • Align NDPP with pay-for-performance models.
  • Apply NDPP to population health management strategies.


4. Provide NDPP leadership to the health landscape 

Share NDPP Return on Investment (ROI) results.
  • Promote NDPP as a population health management strategy.



US CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) Standards and Operating Procedures

Maine CDC – Diabetes Unit 




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