Maine's National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) Information Portal.

Why Health Systems Are Taking Action

NDPP is not another wellness program

  • Type 2 diabetes is preventable. NDPP is an evidence-based program that works to prevent diabetes.
  • In people with pre-diabetes, HALF of new cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented with structured lifestyle change programs like NDPP.
  • NDPP is a high value program because so many people are eligible to participate.


NDPP is a population health approach

  • The program supports simple lifestyle changes that result in improved population health outcomes.
  • It reduces claims related to pre-diabetes, diabetes and associated risk factors.
  • NDPP has a cross-cutting health improvement impact on multiple conditions that can lead to chronic disease – the number one health insurance cost driver.


NDPP fits in today’s healthcare landscape

  • A good fit for Accountable Care Organizations or Shared Savings agreements.
  • Perfect demonstration of a community-clinical linkage for preventive health services.
  • It has clear standards and operating procedures.
  • Can be operated by health systems with delivery system resources located in the community at low cost.


Action Steps For Health Systems

1. Increase your organization’s knowledge of pre-diabetes and NDPP

  • Assign a staff member to research pre-diabetes and NDPP.
  • Locate NDPP and Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) sites in your region.
  • Understand how NDPP helps achieve the Triple Aim.
  • Understand the evidence-base of NDPP and its published efficacy.
  • Contact NDPP sites near you to discuss possible collaboration.
  • Understand your organization’s needs and opportunities related to Type 2 diabetes prevention.


2. Start with your staff

  • Appoint Diabetes Educators or Employee Health Program staff to plan employee health strategies utilizing NDPP.
  • Offer NDPP to your employees by implementing NDPP at your site(s) or partnering with existing community organizations that offer NDPP.
  • Include the Pre-diabetes Risk Quiz on your website, on your Health Risk Assessment (HRA) tool and with wellness coaches.
  • Apply the Pre-diabetes Algorithm when designing your own protocol for identifying employees at high risk of 
developing pre-diabetes or diabetes.


3. Explore implementing NDPP within your health system


4. Get US CDC program recognition and implement NDPP

  • Complete the DPRP capacity assessment.
  • Complete an online application with US CDC to achieve pending or full recognition status.
  • Obtain a NDPP site current letter of understanding with the Maine CDC.
  • Identify a program coordinator and lifestyle coaches.
  • Train lifestyle coaches in US CDC NDPP curriculum.
  • Schedule and run classes.


5. Monitor impact

  • Monitor and track participation.
  • Report participant data to DPRP.


6. Provide NDPP leadership to the health landscape

  • Discuss including NDPP as part of your health insurance book of business.
  • Explore ways to include NDPP as part of your Accountable Care Organization (ACO).
  • Recognize NDPP as a population health management strategy for your health system.



US CDC National Diabetes Prevention Program

Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program (DPRP) Standards and Operating Procedures

Maine CDC – Diabetes Unit 



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